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Program Facts


  • Toddler Class  (Daisies) | Ages 18 - 36 months

  • Primary Class  (Sunflowers) | Ages 3 - 6 years/must be potty independent

  • Lower Elementary (Dandelions) | 6 - 9 years

  • Upper Elementary: starting 2025


  • School Programs | September through May

  • Summer Programs | June through August (specific dates tbd)

  • Monday through Friday

  • 8:00 - 4:00

  • NOTE: You will find our full calendar on the Enrollment page of this website.


  • Mixed-age classrooms nurture a sense of community, promote social-emotional growth, leadership, and encourage peer-based learning.

  • Hands-on learning is how children learn best! Classrooms are filled with beautiful Montessori materials, so that children may explore a range of subjects, from academics and world cultures, to nature and art!

  • Uninterrupted work periods allow children to deepen their focus, stretch their attention span and develop a keen understanding of each area of study.

  • Independent and guided activities allow children to follow their interests and learn at their own pace, all under the thoughtful attention of a trained Montessori Guide.

  • Individual and group activities foster both independence and collaboration.

  • Beauty and nature, and lots of time to play!

Covid-19 Policy 

Bastrop Montessori highly recommends vaccination against Covid19


Bastrop Montessori is required to report outbreaks of Covid19 to our local health department, and will follow their recommendations per temporary closure, and follows CDC Guidelines and recommendations for the management of Covid19. Additionally, we will follow our own judgment to protect the school community from Covid19


Parents are expected to report any incidents of Covid19 outbreak, whether confirmed or possible, in their family’s immediate community, including household members, work colleagues, sports teams, church groups, etc. Failure to report Covid19 could result in your child’s suspension from school


Bastrop Montessori has suspended our mask requirement at this time but reserves the right to reinstate it should we deem it prudent in the safeguarding of the community's health, and pending recommendations from the CDC.


We will continue to follow strong cleanliness and personal hygiene protocols.


  • Weather permitting Arrival and Dismissal will be from outside.

  • Children and staff will wash hands often and well.

  • Classrooms will be disinfected daily

  • Fresh air will be circulating through the school regularly.

  • Classrooms are arranged to allow plenty of room between work areas, including outdoor classrooms, weather permitting.

  • Napping children will be arranged head to toe, and with as much distance between them as is possible.

  • Weather permitting, the children will have lunch and snacks outside.

  • Children will have their own individual supplies box with pencils, colors, etc. - so that they aren't sharing.

  • Following illness, children will not be allowed back to school until they are at least 24 hours fever free, with no medications.

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