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Employment Opportunities

Our Mission:  Bastrop Montessori empowers young people to imagine and build a better world. We provide a nurturing environment where learning happens through wonder, exploration and discovery. As members of the Bastrop community, we seek to make a difference through regular service projects. Come be a part of Bastrop Montessori and work with us to build a future that works for you and for us.

Come be a part of a successful, and rapidly growing Montessori School, near Austin, Texas! Bastrop is one of the fastest growing suburbs of Austin, with lower housing expenses and minimal traffic.  We are located close to the Colorado River and are called the Lost Pines because of the beautiful pine trees in our area. Hiking, biking, fishing, canoeing and kayaking are all close by. We have great food, live music, three farmers markets and a thriving arts scene. Bastrop is a slow-paced, family-friendly town and attracts many young families.

Bastrop Montessori provides a positive, collaborative work environment and strong sense of community, with generous and involved parents, where children grow and thrive. Founded in 2019, we successfully weathered the many challenges of Covid, and opened in our new location in April 2022 with 12 children and 2 teachers. Since then, our enrollment has tripled to 60 children, and a rapidly growing waiting list. We enjoy a very close-knit community, with regular potlucks and off campus social events, all organized by our families.

Bastrop Montessori is nestled on 3.5 acres, with a pond, wildflower meadow, and water birds! We enjoy gardening, nature, plenty of outside play, art, singing and music. We value respect, cooperation, diversity, contribution through service, beauty, and kindness.



PRIMARY LEAD GUIDE, (3 - 6 years)

Full-Time | Year Round or School Year | Monday through Friday | 8-4 pm

The Primary Lead Guide is responsible for creating and maintaining a peaceful, nurturing environment in which children are inspired to explore and learn, and grow into respectful and caring youths, including the intellectual and social-emotional development of the children in her/his care.

Bastrop Montessori practices Peaceful Conflict Resolution and Active Listening. We value creativity, beauty, curiosity, nature, play, laughter, friendship, respect, and diversity.


Lead Teacher Job Requirements:

  • Montessori certification
  • College degree, or equivalent relevant life experience
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience leading a Montessori Primary Classroom
  • Collaborative, dedicated, committed to empowering children, team oriented, creative, positive thinker, kind, patient, and experienced with peaceful conflict resolution
  • Physically able to get up and down from the floor with ease/work with active children
  • Bilingual/Spanish is a plus!


Key responsibilities of the Lead Guide include:

  • Adhering to Montessori philosophy and practices
  • Maintaining a peaceful, “failure friendly” learning environment, by use of positive language, positive re-direction, and peaceful conflict resolution
  • Regularly rotating work, adding new work and creating units of study
  • Maintaining order in the classroom, ensure that the children and the materials are respected
  • Encouraging art, creativity, and interaction with nature
  • Tracking and using annual classroom supply budget responsibly
  • Maintaining classroom layout to support the changing needs of students
  • Maintaining records of children’s progress, and communication with parents, including conferences
  • Attending team and staff meetings
  • Attending occasional school social events
  • Collaborating and supporting with fellow teachers and assistants


Work starts August 1, 2023 to prepare classrooms. (Could make August 15th work.) Our students return on September 6th. In addition to a competitive salary, we offer a sign on bonus of $500, with another $1,000 at end of 2024 Spring Semester.

Benefits: Paid time off, flexible schedule, competitive pay, tuition discount, supportive work environment. Time off includes one week for Thanksgiving, approximately 2 weeks for Winter Break, one week for Spring Break, two personal days per semester, plus all traditional school holidays. Working in the summer is optional. Teachers also have one full development day per month, and a daily planning period.

If this sounds like the perfect job for you, please email your resume, and cover letter to us at


Full-Time | Year Round | Monday through Friday | 8-4 pm


Assistants consistently model how students are expected to interact with classmates and their environment, help support the overall mission of the school and help create and maintain a calm and mindful culture. Assistants help the lead teacher prepare, and lead activities and lessons for the day, monitor, and carefully observe children as they work and play, and record observations and notes about student progress.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Solid organizational skills.

  • Patient and engaging personality.

  • A passion for working with young children

  • Socially perceptive, able to work with our diverse population of students, families, and staff.

  • A positive mindset towards child learning and development.

  • Desire and ability to work with children with diverse backgrounds and levels of ability.

  • Knowledge of human behavior and the ability to work with many different personality types.

  • Dependable, responsible, punctual.

  • Possessing the ability to maintain composure and keep emotions in check during stressful situations.

  • Flexible and adaptable, willing to fill in where situations require.

  • Able to work cooperatively as part of a team.

  • Self-control – the ability to maintain composure and keep emotions in check during stressful situations.

  • Physically able to get up and down from the floor with ease/work with active children

  • Bilingual/Spanish is a plus, but not required

Education, Licensing & Experience:

  • College Graduate, or relevant life experience.

  • Minimum 1 year experience with preschool children preferred.

  • Montessori classroom experience or background knowledge preferred.

Classroom Assistant Responsibilities Include:

  • Arrive promptly at the specified time to prepare the environment for the day. At the beginning and end of the day specific listed duties should be completed.Maintain the learning environment throughout the year.

  • Work with the lead teacher to establish routines and rituals around transition times and non-classroom times such as lunch, recess, and nap, and help to establish a culture of calm, productive work, work with individual children or small groups of children as directed, and supervise children when necessary.

  • Help keep materials complete, in good repair, and maintained in accordance with Montessori's principles of beauty, order, and simplicity. This may include washing classroom dishes, repairs of materials, and daily cleaning tasks.

  • Model integrity, curiosity, responsibility, creativity, kindness, and respect for all persons, as well as demonstrate respect and appreciation for racial, cultural, and gender diversity.

  • Provide behavioral guidance to children in a manner that is respectful, firm, and developmentally appropriate.

  • Assist children in meeting their physical needs, including diapering, escorting children to the bathroom, helping find clean clothes and assisting with changing clothes as needed.

  • Observe the activities of the students and take the time to communicate observations.

  • Attend Team and Staff Meetings, Monthly Development Days, and occasional community events.


Work Starts on August 14. Starting Hourly Pay, $16-$20, based on experience.

If this sounds like the perfect job for you, please email your resume, and cover letter to us at

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