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Summer Camp

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Ages 6-9 years:

The Game of Village 

Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

The Game of Village empowers young people to imagine and build a better world.

Students enjoy and benefit from:

​Experiential Learning

Young people learn best by doing, and Village provides rich opportunities for all kinds of experiential learning, including applied academics, the responsibilities of holding down a job, participating in government, using tools, collaborating on group projects and more.​

Social and Emotional Learning

Village is a very dynamic, busy place, and, as with any dynamic community, issues arise. With the thoughtful support of Village Commissioners, Villagers practice non-violent communication skills to work out their problems with each other.

Summer Fun

Throughout the day students will also have lots of time to play outside, build new friendships, and be creative. 

Ages 18 months - 6 years:

Montessori Summer Program

Monday-Friday 8am-4pm 

Our Montessori Summer Program is a continuation of the school year, with additional summer themed lessons, art, and water play. Students learn and continue to practice Montessori routines and methods in a supportive environment. Students enjoy lots of playtime, outdooor time, poetry, music, and art and water play. Students build confidence, mindfulness, and focus while they play and explore their many curiosities, all in a space that is beautifully designed to inspire and engage. 

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