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From locally-based writer Andrea Eames:


When Hazvinei was born, Tinashe knew at once that there was something different about her. Growing up in a rural Rhodesia still haunted by memories of the recent guerilla wars, Tinashe knows he must take extra care of his sister. But Hazvinei is a wild spirit and soon the village starts to whisper – dark talk of curses and spirits. Tinashe is prepared to follow his sister anywhere – but how far can he go to keep her safe when the forces threatening her are so much darker and more sinister than he suspected?


Andrea Eames is a poet and novelist living in Texas after eight years in New Zealand and seventeen years in Zimbabwe. She has released two critically-acclaimed novels for adults so far, The Cry of the Go-Away Bird, and The White Shadow, as well as the first volume in her children's series, Rennies, set in a Renaissance Faire, a YA fantasy novel, Heartbreak, and the first two books in The Lost Land Chronicles, The Lucky Black C.A.T. and The Wizard's Heir. The White Shadow was shortlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize in 2012. She has also released two collections of poetry: The Making of Stones, and New Monsters. Currently, Andrea is working on the next book in the Rennies series, as well as two other fantasy books, and another novel set in Zimbabwe, The Strength of a Fish. 


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Donated by Andrea Eames.

"The White Shadow" by Andrea Eames - a Novel

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