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A squishy companion for any couch, bed, or chair. He will hold your hand during the scary parts of the movie, or keep watch in your room while you're asleep. Ask him to store stuff in his pockets and he’ll happily oblige! He can also be a good resting place for your head. He prefers not to be sat on, but it happens.


Hand-knitted with 100% cotton and alpaca wool and hand stuffed with polyfil stuffing. This Beast Pillow comes already stuffed, he is not a pillow cover. From the top to bottom, he measures approx. 31" long and is approx. 13" wide.


*This Beast Pillow DOES NOT come with safety eyes. Please keep in mind that buttons can be a choking hazard for small children. This pillow is NOT RECOMMENDED for young children without supervision and should NEVER be kept in a crib.

Retail price $210


Donated by Les Petites Betes Sauvages


Les Petites Bêtes Sauvages (Savage Little Beasts) are handmade and handknit by Debi van Zyl, an exhibition designer and Montessori parent. Each Beast is one of a kind and comes packed with personality! Debi has been making and selling Beasts since 2007 as a hobby and as a way to bring some funny looking friends into the world.



Handstitched Beast Pillow

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