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Get ready to host some happy kiddos with the Goodpop Party Pack, which includes:

-One 18-pack of Mini-cans (100% real fruit juice blended with sparkling water)

-Two 20-packs of 100% organic fruit juice Freezer Pops

-Two 6-packs 100% organic fruit juice Frozen Junior Pops

-1 Goodpop baseball cap

-1 Goodpop adult-sized tshirt

-2 Goodpop pins


Retail price $50


Donated by Goodpop


Austin-based Goodpop uses only whole, real ingredients in their delicious, kid-friendly popsicles and sparkling juice beverages. GoodPops are always dairy and gluten free and made of non-GMO, organic, fair trade ingredients with less sugar or no sugar added. All sourced in respect to the people and the planet!

Goodpop Party Pack (1 of 3)

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